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DoDEA OSS: Helpful Lists: Kidnapping Survival


  • Remain Calm: A kidnapping or hostage situation is a frightening experience. Make
    an effort to keep yourself calm.
  • Cooperate: Remember that you are valuable to those who are holding you, so the
    best thing you can do is cooperate.
  • Be observant: Try to remember details about the route you took such as turns, street
    noise, or smells. Study your room and what you can see of the building you are in and
    keep mental notes of everything you observe.
  • Learn details: Keep track of what your abductors look like and how many there are.
    Try to notice details about them such as their names, their accent, their language,
    or their habits.
  • Stay Neutral: Do not discuss anything that might upset the captors. Don't talk about
    politics or religion.
  • Be patient: Hostage rescue and negotiations can be difficult and take some time. Know
    that people are doing their best to rescue you.
  • Go Limp: When rescue seems imminent - don't help. Just lie down on the floor and
    let the rescue force do all the work. If you stand up and attempt to help they might shoot
    you by mistake.

Better to let them arrest you along with the bad guys and sort you all out later. Expect to be searched, handcuffed and processed and by the time you're outside they'll figure out you're one of the folks they're rescuing.



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