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DoDEA OSS: Helpful Lists: Mail Bomb


10  The package is addressed to "Cumandur Genurul" and you are not, in fact, the "Cumandur Genurul".
9 The sender forgot to include his return address.
8  The sender forgot that the post office stopped accepting packages tied with string about 20 years ago.
7  There's a handwritten note that says "It's Your Lucky Day: Prize Enclosed" and you know you didn't enter any contests.
6  The package has stains or smells like the moth balls in your grandmother's attic.
5  It's lopsided, like Aunt Myrtle's birthday cakes.
4  Instead of the actual package, you get a note that directs you to pick up your package on the side of a road or under a bridge.
3  The sender saved money on ink by using cut and paste letters.
2  It's attached to a text message from Dan.

And, last but not least, the Number One sign that your package might be a bomb:

1  With all the pretty wires, tape, and string, it looks like something your little brother made in art class.

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