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DoDEA OSS: Student Antiterrorism Awareness: Online Games

Pick Your Online Game!

Online activities to help you remember how to stay safe in different situations. 

Word Searches 

You can play these games online or print them out to complete when you're on the plane. 

    Know the different types of man-made threats. 
  • FPCONs
    Learn the measures an installation takes to protect you.
  • School Protective Actions
    Four things teachers do to keep you safe during an emergency.
  • Warning Signs of Terrorism
    Learn to recognize signs of terrorist activity.
  • Personal Security
    Find the keys to maintaining personal security.
  • Surviving Kidnapping
    Tips on how to survive kidnappings.

Knowledge Reviews 

Earns points while demonstrating the Knowledge you've gained about how to stay safe 

  • Travel Security Wheel
    Spin the wheel to select from these ten questions on personal security while traveling or staying in hotels. 
  • Personal Security Pendulum
    Stop the pendulum to select from these six trivia questions about personal security while living overseas. 
  • Security Matrix
    Test yourself in this classically styled trivia game with six different security categories and 30 questions.
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