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Department of Defense Education Activity
4800 Marker Center Drive
Alexandria, VA 22350-1400

Chief, Security Management Division CML: 571-372-1466
Chief, Force Protection CML: 571-372-1464
Force Protection Program Manager CML: 571-372-2954
Personnel, Security Manager CML: 571-372-1467
Program Analyst CML: 571-372-1461

DoDEA Europe

Europe Area Office, Safety and Security - Wiesbaden, Germany

Antiterrorism/Security Program Manager CML: 011-49-(0)-6134-604-694 DSN: 334-2694
Physical Security Program Manager CML: 011-49-(0)-6134-604-446 DSN: 334-2446
Safety and Occupational Health Manager CML: 011-49-(0)-611-380-7215 DSN: 338-7215
Transportation Security Manager CML: 011-49-(0)-6134-604-354 DSN: 334-2354

District Safety and Security Officers

Bavaria District
CML: 011-49-(0)-981-183-406 DSN: 468-7406
Heidelberg District
CML: 011-49-(0)-6221-677-340 DSN: 388-9332
Isles District
United Kingdom
CML: 011-44-(0)-1638-52-7035 DSN: 226-7035
Kaiserslautern District
CML: 011-49-(0)-631-536-5912 DSN: 489-5912
Mediterranean District
CML: 011-39 (0)-444-71-8160
CML: 011-39-(0)-444-71-8988
DSN: 634-8160
DSN: 634-8988


DoDEA Pacific

Pacific Area Office, Safety and Security - Okinawa, Japan

Security Program Manager CML: 011-81-(0)-611-744-5787 DSN: 644-5787
Safety and Occupational Health Manager CML: 1-671-344-9792 DSN: 344-9792

District Safety and Security Officers 

Okinawa District
Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
CML: 011-81-(0)-6117-34-1204 DSN: 634-1204
Japan District
Mainland Japan
CML: 011-81-(0)-425-3117-55-6175 DSN: 225-6175
Korea District
Seoul, South Korea
CML: 011-82-(0)-505-738-5001 DSN: 738-5001

Physical Security Specialist  

Guam District
CML: 671-344-9588 DSN: 344-9588


DoDEA Americas

DoDEA Americas Area Office, Safety and Security - Peachtree City, Georgia

Chief, DDESS Safety and Security CML: 678-364-8015
Antiterrorism Officer CML: 678-364-6499
Physical Security Specialist CML: 678-364-8024
Safety and Occupational Health Manager CML: 678-364-8008