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DoDEA OSS: Helpful Lists: Phone Security Overseas


  • Learn some of the local language so you can answer the phone in the manner that
    is customary in your location.
  • Memorize your parents'/sponsors' work and cell phone numbers so you can call them
    if needed.
  • Use a PIN number to lock your cell phone so that even if it is stolen, thieves cannot run
    up a large phone bill. Often thieves are more interested in brief access to your phone
    service than the phone itself.
  • Consider carefully what information you save on your cell phone. If it would be too
    embarrassing or too great a loss if it fell into someone else's hands, avoid storing it.
  • Overseas, the local emergency number might not be 911, so learn how to call for help.
Country/Location Emergency Number
United States 911
European Area 112
United Kingdom 112/999
Germany 112
Italy 114 Medical
115 Fire Dept.
118 Police
Spain 112
Belgium 112
Netherlands 112
Turkey 110 Medical
155 Fire Dept.
112 Police
Bahrain 999
Korea 119 Medical or Fire Dept.
112 Police
Japan 119 Medical or Fire Dept.
110 Police
Guam 911
Puerto Rico 911



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