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DoDEA OSS: Helpful Lists: Personal Security


  • Always carry an ID with you.
  • Learn some of the local language.
  • When answering the phone, use the local language and customary greeting.
  • Know important phone numbers and how to use the phone in your host country.
  • Be polite.
  • Don't call attention to yourself or your friends.
  • When going out to play, tell your parents where you will be, use a buddy system.
  • Stay safe. Use only main streets. Don't walk down dark, poorly lighted streets, or secluded alleys.
  • Walk facing the flow of vehicle traffic.
  • If out on the street and you feel threatened, go to a safe building such as a police station,
    fire station, hospital or bank (safe havens).
  • Don't go anywhere with a stranger, even if he says it's okay with your parents.
  • Don't discuss personal information with strangers or in public.
  • Know and remember important phone numbers like your home phone number, the local emergency
    numbers, and your parents cell phone numbers.
  • Don't hide a house key anywhere and do not let anyone into your house without your parents' permission.
  • Stay away from suspicious packages and tell an adult immediately.



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