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DoDEA OSS: Student Antiterrorism Awareness: Printables

Personal Security Activities For Home

Helpful Lists

Print out the lists to help you remember important tips on how to stay safe in different situations.

  • Preflight Checklist
    Make sure you don't forget anything for your trip. Here's a handy checklist to help you out. 
  • Travel Safety Tips
    These tips will enhance your personal security while traveling through airports and train stations. 
  • Hotel Safety
    If you are staying in a hotel, this list will help you protect yourself and your belongings. 
  • Phone Security Overseas
    Sounding like a local on the phone can lessen the chance of your becoming a target. 
  • Personal Security
    Here are some general security tips that will help protect you from various threats. 
  • Mail Bomb
    These "top ten signs" that your package might be a mail bomb can help you recognize suspicious mail. 
  • Kidnapping Survival
    Learn some behaviors that can help you stay calm and survive if you are ever kidnapped or taken hostage.

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