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Logistics Division: Material Management: Electronic Document Access

Using Electronic Document Access (EDA)

The Electronic Document Access (EDA) is a DOD owned web-based repository that allows authorized users to retrieve PDF copies of awards and modifications on base contracts, delivery orders, and purchase orders.

DoDEA intends using EDA for authorized users to retrieve PDF copies of curriculum base contracts and associated delivery orders. The first posting will be Health Education contract orders in Early May 06.

All School Support Assistants should have access to EDA to obtain a PDF copy of their activity's curriculum awards. New users will register online by going to EDA web page and follow the four step registration process. Users have the option of using a Username/Password or CAC/Digital Certificate Login. All registration requests are reviewed and approved by the DoDEA EB POC (DoDEA Procurement Division, e-Commerce Branch).

The web site is: DoDEA information is maintained on the Ogden Server.

The DoDEA Procurement Division, eCommerce Branch is responsible to ensure all FY 06 and future curriculum awards are posted in EDA. Upon receipt of registration acceptance from the DODEA EB POC, log in to EDA by selecting the applicable option established in the registration process, e.g., Username/Password or CAC/Digital Certificate.

If using the Username/Password option, and password reset is required, please request it from the EDA login screen. If using the CAC/Digital Certificate option, you must contact your local issuing office for the PIN reset of CAC/Digital Certificate.

At the Document Selection Screen select "Contracts"

The next screen will be the Contracts Search Options. Select the 3rd Option "Specific Contract and Delivery Order" to find your applicable order. Using the delivery or purchase order information provided by DoDEA Logistics Division and/or order information received with the deliverable, key in the contract number, e.g., HE125405D0001 (No spaces, no dashes).

Enter Delivery Order No. , e.g., 0001

Place your cursor on the contract number and double click to produce a PDF copy for print. Be sure to log out of EDA upon completion of your search and print action(s).

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