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Logistics Division: Material Management: Curriculum Acquisitions

Welcome to the Logistics Division site for Curriculum Implementation Support Information. We hope this information will be helpful to DoDEA personnel responsible to receive, inventory, distribute, and receipt for Implementation materials ordered by the DoDEA Education Directorate for distribution to DODDS and DDESS activities.

FY 06 Implementations

The Health Education Resource Information section provides additional information provided by Harcourt inc. to assist those responsible to inventory and receipt for materials ordered under HE1254-06-D-0002.

Physical Education

The Physical Education section includes delivery order information for the DODDS and DDESS communities. The information provided includes Replacement and Replenishment delivery orders for contracts MDA414-01-D-0017, and MDA414-01-D-0020. Be advised, not all schools will be listed as it only includes those schools requesting replenishment of materials.

  • MDA414-01-D-0017
  • MDA414-01-D-0020_ByArea
  • Purchase order HE1254-06-P-1004 includes requirements for CATCH comprehensive kindergarten through grade five physical education resources for 27 kindergarten through grade 5 schools. No individual delivery orders are associated with this order.

English as a 2nd Language

English as a 2nd Language awards for FY06 includes four contracts with delivery orders. The delivery order information is as follows:

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