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Logistics Division: Material Management: Receipt information

Procedures to Acknowledge Receipt of Implementation Materials

Receipt confirmation is required for all DoDEA curriculum implementation awards. Receipt information must be annotated on the award document and shall be referred to as the "receiving report". All receiving reports must be sent to DoDEA Logistics Division via the DoDEA Procurement Division web page or Faxed to (703) 588-3757.

A recipient wishing to send a receiving report to DoDEA via the web page should:

  1. Locate the applicable basic implementation contract award (no individual delivery orders are posted).
  2. Click on the parallel email icon to attach your signed and completed receiving report. Complete the Subject line as directed and send.

Receiving Report with No Discrepancies - Sample 1 (63.5KB)

Receiving Report with No Discrepancies - Sample 1 (63.9KB)

To provide a receiving report in which all materials reflected on the delivery order were received complete with no discrepancies the receiver should annotate the first page of either order per SAMPLE #1, sign, date, and transmit page 1 (only) as stated above.

Receiving Report with Discrepancies - Sample 2 (96KB)

To report material discrepancies (shortages and/or overages) the receiver must annotate the Quantity Received next to the quantity ordered on the award document. Circle the discrepant line. All receiving reports must be signed, dated, and sent as stated above.

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