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Creative Expressions

Over 100 emerging student artists and 16 teachers from all 12 DoDEA Pacific high schools come together to create unique works of art by conducting an in depth exploration of visual arts through drawing, painting, ceramics sculpture, printmaking, digital art and photography. Drawing emphasizes the human form and still-life subjects such as landscapes. Painters learn advanced techniques in watercolor and acrylics. Students interested in pottery create 3D ceramic sculptures using clay. Mediums such as traditional printmaking are also offered which allow students an opportunity to carve, ink, and print their own designs. Other courses include digital art and photography.

Far East Creative Expressions History

DoDEA Pacific Far East Creative Expressions was first organized in the fall of 2010 and hosted the debut visual arts festival Jan. 2011 in Okinawa, Japan. The event was attended by 81 students and featured myriad visual art activities over a three day period of intense instruction and studio time. Each student selected two of the eight offered courses such as drawing, painting, ceramics, and digital art as their focus for the event. On the final day, student projects were submitted for critique and an art gallery that was assembled to display one finished project from each student. The inaugural DoDEA Pacific Far East Creative Expressions art gallery public showcase was held Jan. 13, 2011. That same year also marked the first time prize-winning student artwork from the event was featured in the DoDEA Pacific Sun, an annual publication dating back nearly four decades which showcases student 2D and 3D fine art, digital art, photography and creative writing.