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LinguaFest Logo 2016

Established for the first time in 2010, this festival immerses students in a language rich immersion environment the entire time of the festival. Students sign a pact with LinguaFest that they will only use the target language during the hours of instruction. The study trips planned by the LinguaFest Committee incorporate the ACTFL  5Cs (Communication, Culture, Comparison, Connection and Community) and DoDEA College, Career Ready to promote the 21st century language learning for our  World Language learners in high schools, DoDEA, Pacific.

The LinguaFest event starts with a language crash course sponsored by the volunteer linguists from the base/local community to expose student participants to the various languages, students participate in the target language scavenger hunt activity in the Rycom Mall and interact with songs, dances and other performances with other students indifferent languages than their own. Participants are grouped with students from different schools by language groups (e.g. Spanish) and then place on teams by country (e.g. Argentina). They then work with their new team members as they develop their language and cultural understanding of the target language.