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Student Activities: Policies and Guidance

Far East Activities and Programs

This guide establishes procedures to support the DoDEA Pacific Region Far East Academic Programs (FEAP) Co-Curricular, the Interscholastic Athletic Program (IAP) Extracurricular, and the JROTC Co-Curricular Activities.

This procedural guide does not create policy but only clarifies existing laws or already established policy and describes the steps to accomplish specific actions in accordance with the references. This procedural guide does establish Pacific Region processes and procedures that reflect Pacific Region operational requirements. This guide is current until superseded. Updates will be published as required.

This guide supersedes the 2014 DoDEA Pacific Area Interscholastic Athletic Program Manual and the 2014 Far East Academic Program Manual which are obsolete upon publication of this guide.


Far East Student Activities


Far East Academic Programs (FEAP) Coordinator
DSN: 652-5678
Local: 011-81-98-953-5678

Interscholastic Athletic
Programs (IAP) Coordinator
DSN: 652-5681 or   
Local: 011-81-98-953-5681

JROTC Programs Coordinator
DSN: 652-4977
Local: 011-81-98-953-4977