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Sullivans Students Lend Helping Hands for Relief Fund

Students, teachers, and parents at the Sullivans raised over 1,300 dollars with a "Helping Hands for Haiyan"

Sullivans ES, Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan
Yokosuka Japan | January 29, 2014

Sullivans students present check to American Red Cross

Sullivans students present check to American Red Cross | Photo: Sullivans ES

 Akin to their namesake, the Sullivans’ brothers, who stuck together no matter what crisis befell them, Sullivans’ students know when to pull together to support their own.  Upon hearing the Philippine Islands had been ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan in November and many students and staff members were grieving for family members, a “Helping Hands for Haiyan” fundraiser was instituted.  The Sullivans’ Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) offered to sell hands printed in the colors of the Philippine flag. Students wrote messages on the hands which were arranged to make a large replica of the Philippine flag in the school lobby.
The family of a Sullivans fifth grader was touched significantly by the tragedy. They are still coping with the loss of six family members including two children killed by the typhoon. Several more family members are still missing. The Sullivans’ PTO was proud to present a donation check to the Red Cross, Thursday, January 23, 2014.  The Senior Station Manager for the American Red Cross accepted the donation. In turn, she presented the PTO and school with a plaque of recognition noting the donation would assist the millions of people impacted by the typhoon.  The students and staff raised $1, 337 for the Philippines.
One fourth grade student summed up a heartfelt message on her Helping Hand, “One finger for hope. Two fingers for peace. Three fingers for people who lost their families. Four fingers for the people who are lost to come back. Five fingers for the Philippines. We will have hope! We will pray for you!”

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