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TOKYO, JAPAN — DoDEA Japan District Superintendent Clayton Fujie announced his resignation Wednesday citing health complications that require prompt attention. Fujie said he will remain Superintendent through March 15 to provide the time necessary for a smooth transition.

In notifying employees across the DoDEA Japan District, Fujie said he made the difficult decision to step down to ensure schools continue to have the fully-focused leadership and support they need to be successful, “I feel a special commitment to each of you, the families we serve, and my own family, to re-prioritize and take actions consistent with our number one goal: highest student achievement.”

During his tenure with DoDEA Pacific, Fujie worked to advance relationships with the host nation of Japan by supporting a variety of social, cultural and athletic events. The DoDEA Japan District hosts or participates in many unique exchange activities such as the Multiple Intelligence Festival at Yokosuka Naval Base, the Japan U.S. Joint Concert held at Hamura near Yokota Air Base, Soroban competitions hosted at locations spanning mainland Japan and Okinawa, and many more.

A tireless advocate for students and military families, Fujie worked closely with uniformed and civilian leaders from partner organizations during the emergency response that followed the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011. From locating and ensuring the safe return of students traveling to various after-school activities when the earthquake struck, to assessing and addressing earthquake damage at school facilities, to supporting the transitions of hundreds of students who left and eventually returned to Japan under the Voluntary Authorized Departure process, the response to that unprecedented tragedy was an inspired team effort thanks in part to prompt action and ongoing school support provided by Fujie and the Japan District team.

With 21 schools and an enrollment of over 8,000 students, the DoDEA Japan District is one of the largest and most geographically dispersed in the worldwide DoDEA school system. The DoDEA Japan District superintendent’s Office is located on Yokota Air Base in the outskirts of the Tokyo metropolitan area.

Prior to joining DoDEA in 2009, Fujie earned distinction through the selection of Noelani Elementary School as a National Blue Ribbon School in 2000-2001 while serving as principal. In 2001, he was named a National Distinguished Principal by the National Association of Elementary School Principals. Fujie also served as the Deputy Superintendent for the State of Hawaii Department of Education where he was responsible for working with military leaders and national organizations to address the unique educational needs of military families stationed in Hawaii.

Fujie expressed appreciation for the opportunity to serve as Superintendent and said that the people and unique mission make working for DoDEA a rewarding experience, “I can say without a doubt that I will miss the professionalism, dedication, and friendship of the people I have worked with here in Japan and across the Pacific.”

Although urgent health considerations require his departure during the school year, Fujie stated that transition plans already underway will deliver a seamless experience for students, parents, teachers, administrators and support staff, “The Japan DSO will have the necessary resources to continue supporting your school without delay or disruption.”

Superintendent Clayton Fujie



  Facing health challenges, DoDEA Japan District Superintendent
  Clayton Fujie announced his resignation Wednesday. Fujie will
  remain superintendent through March 15, 2012 to allow adequate
  time for a seamless transition. The DoDEA Japan District is one of
  the largest and most geographically dispersed in the global
  DoDEA school system.

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