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Career educator joins the DoDEA Korea team as Assistant Superintendent for Transition

For Immediate Release — March 2, 2011 | Pacific
: Public Affairs Officer | DSN: 644-5657

Mr. Carl Albrecht

KABUL, Afghanistan (undated) Mr. Carl Albrecht will serve as the new Assistant Superintendent for Transition with the DoDEA Korea school district.

SEOUL — March 2, 2011 — DoDEA Pacific Director Diana Ohman announced Thursday the appointment of career educator Carl Albrecht to serve as Assistant Superintendent for Transition with the DoDEA Korea school district.

Albrecht will work closely with U.S. military and Korean officials to plan and manage growth of DoDEA's education operations on the Korean peninsula. DoDEA Korea schools will undergo significant change and growth over the next decade based on current United States Forces Korea tour normalization and Yongsan Relocation Program plans.

Currently deployed on a one-year tour in Kabul, Afghanistan as Deputy Chief of the Education Division for the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan, Albrecht has held numerous positions during his tenure with DoDEA including teacher, assistant principal, principal, chief of staff, and assistant superintendent.

“Carl brings an impressive depth of professional expertise to the table;” said Ohman, “his many years of working with our military partners to ensure school success and his proven ability to effectively manage complex issues will make a real difference for students and their families.”

This appointment is an East Asia homecoming for Albrecht who began his DoDDS career in 1967 as a teacher at Kubasaki Junior High in Okinawa, Japan before moving on to assignments in Germany, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Bahrain, and the United Kingdom.

Originally from Michigan, Albrecht has a bachelor’s degree in English and history from Michigan State University and a Master of Education degree with an emphasis on supervision, administration and instruction from Boston University.

Albrecht enjoys exploring and learning about the countryside, antiquities and people of foreign countries. He and his wife have two children. A specific report date has not been determined.

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