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2002 SAT Scores Show High Student Participation in DoDDS

September 3, 2002 —
     Based on the recent release of the DoDEA 2002 SAT score results, Dr. Bresell, Director, DoDDS Pacific, reported that “We should all be very pleased that so many of our students take the SAT because it shows that they are serious about a post-secondary education. We congratulate them on their efforts and their success.”

     The SAT is only part of what colleges look at in evaluating a student’s application. “In DoDDS Pacific, we encourage students to begin as early as middle school to take challenging courses and to apply themselves in their studies so they will be fully prepared for whatever might be required as they pursue their post-secondary course of study,” commented the Assessment and Evaluation Coordinator, DoDDS Pacific. Increased efforts are being made to encourage students to begin planning for college early. This is accomplished through a comprehensive guidance program that includes annual on-going visitations by representatives from colleges and universities, selected by the College Board, to assist students and families with the application and admissions process, testing, financial aid, and adjusting to college life. Other efforts include community volunteers, representing their alma maters, serving as mentors to interested students. Mentors also make presentations at various college organization functions.

Dr. Bresell also stated that, “We are also fortunate to be able to give all DoDDS Pacific students the opportunity to participate in the Preliminary SAT (PSAT) during their 10th grade year at no cost to families. This gives our students a jump start on college admissions testing and helps them focus on skills, not scores.” The PSAT has no impact on college entrance requirements when taken the sophomore year because colleges will not receive the scores; but, it does familiarize students with what to expect from admissions test without the added pressures that come with the test their junior year.

“The purpose of the SAT is to assist students in planning for college and to provide colleges with a common yardstick to use in assessing a student's readiness for college,” stated the Assessment and Evaluation Coordinator, DoDDS Pacific. “What we try to do in DoDDS Pacific is encourage all students to achieve high levels of learning—and encouraging students to take tests like the SAT is one way we are able to support this effort.”

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