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DoDDS Pacific Assistant Superintendents Announced

On Wednesday, August 21, 2002, Dr. Nancy Bresell, DoDDS Pacific Director, announced the selection of three new DoDDS Pacific Assistant Superintendents: Ms. Diane Bell for the Japan District; Dr. Mary Kubas-Meyer for the Okinawa District; and Mr. Dennis Rozzi for the Korea District.

     Ms. Diane Bell was the Principal of Lester Middle School, Okinawa District, for five years. Prior to that, she was principal in DoDDS elementary and unit schools in Okinawa, Korea, and the Philippines. She entered the DoDDS system as a teacher where she taught in Okinawa, Japan, and Germany. While Bell served as a principal, she was honored with the Commander’s Award for Public Service and was selected to attend the Principals’ Summer Institute at Harvard.

     Dr. Mary Kubas-Meyer, formerly the Principal of Kadena Elementary School, Okinawa District, started her career in DoDDS as a middle school teacher in Aschaffenburg, Germany. She has served in various school administrator positions for the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) both in the DoDDS Europe and in the Domestic Dependents Elementary and Secondary School (DDESS) systems. The Executive Educator and The National School Board Journal recognized Kubas-Meyer’s doctoral dissertation with special education inclusion models as one of the 100 Most Creative Curriculum Ideas in the United States.

     Mr. Dennis Rozzi served first as the assistant principal, and most recently as the Principal of Seoul High School, Korea District. His initial DoDDS teaching assignment was at Pusan American School, Korea District, in 1980, and he also taught at Lester Middle School in Okinawa District. Rozzi held a variety of education and administrative positions at the regional and district levels including DoDDS Pacific Coordinator for Language Arts and English as a Second Language, and chief of Staff at the Korea District Office.

  Bresell said, “Our new assistant superintendents are highly experienced educators who have been exceptional instructional leaders within their respective schools. They are all advocates of exemplary instructional programs that foster high student achievement, provide professional growth for staff, and enhance community partnerships. Their expertise will serve them well in their new positions.”

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