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DoDDS Pacific School to Host Model United Nations as First Recipient of United Nations Assn. National Award

January 23, 2003 —  From January 27–29, 2002, Kadena High School will host the annual Far East Model United Nations (MUN) Conference. More than 200 students from 13 DoDDS Pacific high schools, 3 international schools and 7 Okinawa prefectural high schools will participate in the event this year as a result of Kadena High School being honored with the first Model United National Global Leadership Opportunity (MUNGLO) Award. The award was funded by a grant of over $25,000 from the Goldman-Sachs Foundation. The grant supports the work of the United Nations and encourages active civic participation in the most important social and economic issues facing the world today. Special guests of this event will include the Executive Director of Education and Model U.N., and the Model U.N. Program Administrator: Education and Model U.N.

     Students will serve as delegates, JROTC security guards, pages, reporters, and translators (for Japanese) at this year’s MUN Conference. The MUN simulation helps make students aware of world issues and differing points of view. Their efforts will result in a deeper understanding through dialogue and discussion of world issues.

     Students will be participating in the following councils and agencies: Security Council, Economic and Social Council, UN Commission on Sustainable Development, the U.N. Environment Program, and the Far East MUN Press Corps. This event gives students the opportunity to learn the importance of tolerance and the peaceful competition of ideas. The increased participation from international and prefectural schools provides an exemplary educational environment where students can deal with international issues through substantive discussions, thoughtful research, preparation, and analysis.

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