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DoDDS Students Delve "Deep" Into College Admissions Process

April 2, 2004 — From April 12 through May 5, 2004 , DoDDS students around the Pacific will be participating in "The Admission Game," an interactive program that introduces students to the selective college admission process. The Admission GameT has helped more than 30,000 students and families create winning strategies for getting into colleges of their choice. By transforming the audience into an admission committee at a mythical college, students will become aware of the curious and variable logic that often determines who is accepted and who is rejected at colleges every year. 

Students will learn about the criteria that influence admission committee decisions and how to use those criteria for their own advantage.  The Admissions GameT was founded by Mr. Van Buskirk, a 25-year veteran of the selective admission process. He is the Executive Officer to the Provost and former Dean of Admission at Franklin & Marshall and is an accomplished enrollment strategist, author and motivational speaker. He will turn the audience into an admission committee and will introduce them to four fictitious candidates. A spirited debate about the candidates will follow as the audience weighs the relative merits of each. And.only one will be admitted to the fictitious college! During this interactive session, Mr. Van Buskirk will give the audience "coaching tips" about course selections, essay preparation, the role of testing and more.

As the students learn about the context for decision-making, they are left with practical strategies for standing out in a field of equally qualified applicants. They will understand how the choices they make in the classroom and in life can have a bearing on their competitiveness as candidates for admission. They will also learn how to reveal their "Hooks" and tell their stories in a manner that will help them win at "The Admission GameT.

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