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Final Official 2010 DoDEA Pacific Far East JROTC Results

For Immediate Release — April 1, 2010 | Pacific
: | DSN: 644-5657

MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP BUTLER, OKINAWA, JAPAN — April 1, 2010 — Okinawa’s own Kubasaki High School took top honors in Drill and third place in Marksmanship at the 2010 DoDEA Pacific Far East Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps competition hosted here March 22-24.

Osan American from the Republic of Korea and local contender Kadena High School tied for second place in Drill while Edgren High School from Misawa, Japan captured third in a field of 12 teams.
The Drill competition was comprised of Unit Inspection, Armed Regulation, Unarmed Regulation, Color Guard, and Armed or Unarmed Exhibition. The top three teams in Drill were determined by tallying the team points earned under each category to arrive at an overall total.

The three-day student activity that brought together all 12 DoDEA Pacific JROTC units formed by over 150 cadets, took place at Foster Field House and included a separately scored and awarded Marksmanship event. From a field of nine schools, M.C. Perry from Iwakuni, Japan finished first and Seoul American High School from the Republic of Korea took second.

Marksmanship categories included: Prone, Standing, Kneeling, Individual, Biathlon, and Team. Scores from the targets were recorded by a team of active duty judges and JROTC instructors and the final individual performance points were aggregated into a total overall team score; the top three units were awarded accordingly.
The 2010 Far East JROTC concluded with an awards banquet where the top three units in the Drill and Marksmanship events were recognized with team trophies and individual medals.

Final Official Results of the 2010 DoDEA Pacific
Far East JROTC: Drill



1st Place: Kinnick HS
2nd Place: Kadena HS
3rd Place: Kubasaki HS and E.J. King HS (Tie)



1st Place: Yokota HS
2nd Place: Kadena HS
3rd Place: Seoul American HS



1st Place: Kinnick HS
2nd Place: Kubasaki HS
3rd Place: M.C. Perry HS



1st Place: Kubasaki HS
2nd Place: Zama American HS and E.J. King HS (Tie)
3rd Place: Yokota HS



1st Place: Kubasaki HS
2nd Place: Osan American HS
3rd Place: Kadena HS



1st Place: Kubasaki HS
2nd Place: Kadena HS and Osan American HS (Tie)
3rd Place: Edgren HS

*Each JROTC unit must choose to perform either Armed or Unarmed Exhibition. Due to the extra degree of difficulty, the total potential points are higher for Armed Exhibition. This year, no unit choosing to perform Unarmed Exhibition earned a top three score.

Final Official Results of the 2010 DoDEA Pacific
Far East JROTC: Marksmanship



1st Place: M.C. Perry HS
2nd Place: Seoul American HS
3rd Place: Kubasaki HS

Far East JROTC competitions began during the 1993-1994 school year and are aligned to the JROTC courses offered in DoDEA Pacific high schools. JROTC is a nationwide program sponsored by the uniformed services. The course curriculum focuses on developing citizenship, self reliance, leadership, physical fitness, and communications and basic military skills. Successful JROTC cadets are eligible for college ROTC scholarships or a higher initial rank if they choose to enlist after high school graduation.

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PLEASE NOTE: Initially released results in both Drill and Marksmanship contained unintentional errors. Immediate action was taken and the final official results provided here were determined by a thorough review of the original score sheets and methods by a dedicated committee. The scores were revalidated multiple times and corrected as needed. DoDEA Pacific sincerely regrets the unintentional errors and comprehensive measures have been taken to correct the record and prevent future scoring errors for all Far East JROTC events.

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