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DoDEA Japan Announces Teacher of the Year

For Immediate Release — June 2, 2010 |
: | DSN: 225-3940


Michelle Foust

June 2, 2010 — The Japan District Superintendent’s Office is pleased to announce Mrs. Michelle Foust as the 2011 District Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Foust was selected to represent DoDEA Japan by a review panel. The panel based their decision on a number of factors to include her interview, recommendation letters, and brief summation of her teaching career.

Ms. Foust has a very strong interest in technology and she is eager to share with students and teachers alike. She comments, “We must not only assure that our students be technologically literate and develop collaboration skills as 21st Century learners, but we must also support our fellow educators as we move into a new era in education.”

When asked about his impression of Mrs. Foust, Mr. Wilhoit, principal of The Sullivans School said, “Michelle Foust is a teacher of teachers. She has lead the way at The Sullivans School to build a culture of reflection and professionalism among her colleagues – reflection of student assessment to drive instruction, reflection of student work to improve student performance, and reflection of teacher practices to meet 21st century skills. Michelle is a highly respected professional among her peers and The Sullivans Community. We are proud of her.”

Mrs. Foust works closely with colleagues, parents, and students to ensure that all the needs of the students are met. She believes at looking at the data to determine where each student is academically, then designing a program that will move the student forward in the learning process while meeting the DoDEA standards. In addition, Mrs. Foust is a part of the school improvement leadership team which looks at student work and data to determine goals for the school. Lastly, through her active involvement with youth activities with her children she enjoying helping out in the local community when there is a need for volunteers. She believes that one of her unique qualities is as a child she attended DoDEA schools, she in involved with the DoDEA schools through the eyes of a parent, and she is a DoDEA teacher, therefore she is able to see DoDEA from all perspectives. Mrs. Foust will represent the Japan District as DoDEA makes its selection for the DoDEA Teacher of the Year which will be announced sometime in November.


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