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Ms. Laurel Eisinger New Principal, Daegu American School 

For Immediate Release — June 16, 2010 | Pacific
: | DSN: 738-6826

Dr. Irby Miller, DoDDS Korea District Superintendent, is pleased to announce the selection of Ms. Laurel Eisinger as the new Principal of the Daegu American School. Ms. Eisinger is a skilled professional who has a long career as an educational leader. Ms Eisinger’s most recent assignment is Chief of Curriculum and Instruction within DoDDS Europe.

Ms. Eisinger’s career with DoDEA began as a teacher in the Philippines. From there her time with DoDDS has taken her to Europe, Okinawa and Japan. In 1998 Ms. Eisinger was the curriculum coordinator for English and Language Arts in the Japan District Office. From there Ms. Eisinger became the curriculum coordinator for ESL at the Pacific Area Office in Okinawa. Her next assignment was Assistant Principal at Yokota East Elementary School in Japan. From there she moved to her current position in Europe. As the Chief of Curriculum and Instruction she has  developed goals and standards for Continuous School Improvement, integrates data from system wide testing programs and provides related information to the Area Director, Education Division and District Superintendents.

Ms. Eisinger holds a certificate as a School Improvement Specialist from the University of Nebraska. She has a Bachelors of Education degree from the University of Alaska and a Masters of Science degree in Curriculum and Instruction from the National Louis University in  Heidelberg, Germany.

Please join us in welcoming Ms. Laurel Eisinger again to DoDDS Pacific, the  Korea District, and to Daegu American School.

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