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DoDEA Korea District Enrollment Process Reminder

For Immediate Release — July 22, 2010 | Pacific
: | Voice: (738) 5554

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — July 22, 2010 — As tour normalization continues to welcome additional command-sponsored families to South Korea, DoDEA and United States Forces Korea are working closely together to monitor and adjust to high enrollment growth.
Sponsor and parent awareness of the enrollment process for DoD schools is essential to a smooth transition into the new school year beginning August 30.
For each grade, the Korea District will continue to follow and implement the student enrollment priority list as follows:

  • Category 1 – Students whose sponsors are: Military and Civilian Employees on PCS Orders; DoD Locally-Hired U.S. Citizen Full-Time Employees; and DoD contractors. These students will be enrolled and guaranteed a classroom seat.

  • Category 2 – Students whose sponsors are employed by other Federal agencies. These students will be wait listed and will be the first to be offered classroom seats. First priority will be given to returning students.

  • Category 3 – Students whose sponsors are military and other special categories that are not on PCS orders and command-sponsored. These students will be wait listed. Priority for these students will be given to
    returning students of military and civilian sponsors assigned to commuting area by their initial enrollment date; new military dependents; and new civilian dependents.

  • Category 4 – Students whose sponsors are other U.S. citizens or Foreign Nationals will not be enrolled.

A timed, phased enrollment process will apply for Category 2 and 3 students as follows:

  1. Monday, August 23 – Friday, August 27, 2010

    Category 2:
  1. Students on the wait list will be enrolled in grades where space is available. This will be determined by the capacity of each grade level.
  2. A few spaces will be maintained for late enrollment of Category 1 students.
  3. When notified, student need to report within five (5) working days. Students not reporting within five (5) working days will be moved to the bottom of the list.

  1. Wednesday, September 1 – Friday, September 17, 2010:
    Category 3:
  1. Students on the wait list will be enrolled in grades where space is available. This will be determined by the capacity of each grade level.
  2. At this point, each grade will be fully enrolled to capacity.

  1. After September 30, 2010: Students will be admitted from the wait list, as space becomes available.

Sponsors and parents are encouraged to promptly visit their local school to register their children if they have not already done so.  Early registration ensures each school will have the faculty, staff, curricula, materials and supplies in place and ready to go on day one. The DoDEA Korea District Superintendent’s Office is available to answer questions at DSN 738-5922 or commercially at 02-7918-5922. Enrollment information is updated regularly on the DoDEA Korea District web site:

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