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For Immediate Release — April 14, 2011 | Pacific
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April 14, 2011 — DoDEA Pacific will offer a 4-week, half-day Summer Enrichment Program for eligible students in grades K-8 who are currently enrolled as "space-required" in a DoDEA school. This program will feature an academic-enrichment curriculum emphasizing math and language arts. This is not a remedial program but is designed to support and reinforce student learning through engaging, high-interest activities.

The program will run 9AM-12PM, Monday through Friday beginning June 27 and ending July 22 (The program will not operate on July 4). There is no cost to enroll, however, an application is required and transportation and meals will not be provided by DoDEA.
The 2011 program will use materials from Voyager Expanded Learning. Students in grades K-5 will experience the "Mysteries." Students in grades 6-8 will participate in "Media Magic." The program will also include a component called VMathLive. VMATHLive provides a game-like environment which engages and motivates students. Students can participate in real-time competitions of speed and skill in an exciting web-based environment.

Proposed Program Sites:

Japan: Darby ES, Sasebo ES, M.C. Perry ES, Sollars ES, Lanham ES, Sullivans ES, Mendel ES, Yokota MS
Korea: Humphreys American ES/MS, Osan American ES, Seoul American ES and MS, Daegu American ES
Okinawa: Stearley Heights ES, Killin ES, Kinser ES
Guam: Andersen ES, McCool ES/MS

Summer Enrichment dates:

27 June to 22 July.
July 4 is a Federal Holiday.

Call or visit your local school to apply for the 2011 DoDEA Pacific Summer Enrichment Program.
Application deadline is April 22, 2011.

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