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From the Office of the Superintendent : Official Japan District Press Release

Ms. Priscilla Hill is selected as the new Assistant Principal of M.C. Perry High School in Iwakuni, Japan

For Immediate Release — September 12, 2012 | PAC-East
Larissa Cook: Administrative Support Specialist |   DSN: 225-3940    |    Fax: 225-3952

IWAKUNI, JAPAN — September 12, 2012 —  

Asst. Principal, Priscilla Hill
JAPAN — Assistant principal, Pricilla Hill
(DoDEA Pacific/Released).

The Japan District Superintendent’s Office is pleased to announce the selection of Ms. Priscilla Hill as the new Assistant Principal of M.C. Perry High School in Iwakuni, Japan. For the past thirteen years and prior to joining DoDEA, Ms. Priscilla Hill had the opportunity to teach in Indiana, Michigan, Virginia, and Texas. As a classroom teacher, a department chair, an administrator and an Instructional Systems Specialist, she prides herself in understanding societal trends when it comes to educational initiatives. Recognizing that not all movements directly relate to every campus, climate or mission, she still believes in ensuring that all teachers are equipped with the necessary tools to strive, become, or even to build upon best teaching practices. The skills she learned and was taught as a classroom teacher allowed her to continually provide students with a quality and reputable education.

Her belief is that the intent to create an ambience, within students, that promotes obligatoriness for one’s own learning can only be achieved if we as educators have the proper preparation and can directly meet the needs of our stakeholders; students, parents, colleagues, and our community. Considering that educators have the potential to influence thousands of children during their career, Ms. Hill believes that this is what makes teaching the most vital profession across the globe.

About DoDEA Pacific:
DoDEA Pacific provides a comprehensive preK-12 education to the children of military and eligible civilian personnel families serving throughout Asia. The 49 schools in DoDEA Pacific are comprised of more than 24,000 students and 3,100 full-time professional educators and support staff. The schools are geographically organized into four districts: Guam, Japan, Okinawa and South Korea.

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