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DoDEA Pacific Holds 2019 Leadership Summit

For Immediate Release — August 26, 2019 | Pacific

TOKYO, JAPAN — August 26, 2019 — DoDEA Pacific holds 2019 leadership summit

When leadership matters, anything is possible.

That was the main focus of attendees at the 2019 DoDEA Pacific leadership summit which took place 6-9 Aug. at the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo, Japan.

The annual summit, facilitated by the Pacific Center for Instructional Leadership, brings together approximately 120 principals and administrators from across the region for just in time learning as well as provides an opportunity to network with and learn from each other.  The event also serves as a springboard to establishing and sustaining a positive educational environment for the upcoming school year.

The theme for this year’s summit was “Mission: Possible,” developed to highlight the emphasis on learning essential strategies that enable instructional leadership.  The four days of presentations, exercises and case study reviews, including a project-based learning experience, that took place throughout the course of the event were geared towards sharing strategies with leaders on how to make their mission as instructional leaders possible.

2019 Leadership Summit

Elise Rosch, a professional development specialist with the DoDEA Pacific Center for Instructional Leadership, discusses ideas on instructional leadership with Andersen Elementary School Assistant Principal Tyais Dial and Andersen Middle School Principal Joseph Miles during the 2019 DoDEA Pacific Leadership Summit which took place 6-9 Aug. The annual event, facilitated by the Pacific CIL, brings together approximately 120 principals and administrators from across the region for just in time learning as well as provides an opportunity to network with and learn from each other.

The goal of the summit is to enhance the leadership skills of school and district leaders, especially in DoDEA's five areas of instructional leadership.  Those areas include communicating and a shared vision of excellent instruction, establishing and sustaining a culture of trust, continuous improvement and reflective practice, prioritizing collaborative and ongoing professional learning, maximizing time for instructional improvement, and being intentional about building and leveraging teacher expertise. 

“We want leaders to walk away with enhanced knowledge and skills to lead high functioning teams,” said Beth Schiavino-Narvaez, DoDEA Pacific’s Chief of Instructional Leadership Development when discussing the overall outcome of the summit.  “No leader can do the work alone, so being able to utilize the expertise and leadership of others is key!  We also want leaders to know that there is so much talent across the region; this is why we offer a number of "Leaders Inspire" sessions where our school and district leaders showcase their best practices.”

Kadena High School Principal Kris Kwiatek, the Pacific’s Principal of the Year, felt the summit was a great primer for the start of the school year and and that the leadership summit is critical to meaningful growth that will enable him to assist his educators achieve positive classroom results.  

“I think events like the leadership summit are important because it not only allows veteran administrators to learn from district and senior leadership, we have to opportunity to meet with and mentor younger administrators,” Kwiatek said.  “We also have the chance to share and focus on DoDEA’s blueprint, and to really laser in on what our mission is for our students.”

Along with the Pacific region principals and administrators at this year’s event, a number of senior leaders were on hand as well.  Ms. Virginia Penrod, Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs, Dr. Linda Curtis, DoDEA Principal Deputy Director and Associate Director of Academics, and Ms. Lois Rapp, DoDEA Pacific Director for Student Excellence participated in the leadership summit.  

“The interacting that the superintendents and principals bring to the summit, I think is fascinating,” said Penrod of her time engaging the participants.  “When most of the time leaders are focusing on challenges day to day, I think it is absolutely important to take the time to refresh (leadership skills) and learn from your peers.”

As DoDEA Pacific begins the 2019-2020 school year, the learning that took place at the summit has provided principals and administrators several strategies to better help facilitate an enhanced educational environment within their schools.  That environment is made possible largely because in DoDEA Pacific, leadership matters.  And when leadership matters, anything is possible.


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