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DoDEA Pacific launches virtual Far East Journalism

DODEA PACIFIC — December 11, 2020 — About 60 DoDEA students from 12 schools across the Pacific participated in the first day of virtual Far East Journalism on Thursday, Dec. 10. The kickoff of the two-day event consisted of workshops conducted by journalism professionals in the subjects of Yearbook, Newspaper, and Broadcasting. The nationally-recognized guest presenters logged in from Texas, Florida, Missouri Okinawa, and Thailand.

Far East Journalism Presenter

“As a parent we all know that what you say to your children is not true until they hear it from someone else,” said Event Director Sandra Lewis, of M.C. Perry High School. “There is nothing better as a teacher then to have a professional teach something to your students that feeds off of what you are teaching in your classroom. The light bulb goes on in a student’s brain that what they are learning in class is applicable in the real world. Not only do the students get real world information and lessons from FEJ professionals, it motivates students and teachers to go back to their classes and try new things. They see a direct correlation between what they are doing in school to what they may be doing for a job as an adult. The connections that both teachers and students make during this event extend into many areas once we are back in our little island schools.”

Guam High School senior Sophia Forsyth said she appreciated the experience to participate. “‘Conversation breaks down the walls of ignorance’ and this is what the journalism program captured this year," Forsyth said.

After the event, Kinnick High School sophomore Joshua Yang said that Far East Journalism helped him better understand the mechanics of broadcast journalism. “It was a fun and informational experience that I don't think I'll ever forget,” he said.

The second day of Far East Journalism will be held virtually on April 14 and will consist of college and career workshops in Journalism, a showcase of student created journalism items, and an awards ceremony.

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