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PAC EAST District Received Accreditation

For Immediate Release — June 12, 2017 |
: PAO | 644-5657

PACIFIC EAST DISTRICT — June 12, 2017 — OKINAWA, Japan – The Department of Defense Education Activity’s (DoDEA) Pacific East Region has reason to celebrate for maintaining accreditation of its schools throughout mainland Japan thanks to an accreditation visit May 8-19, by an AdvancED external review team, the largest community of education professionals in the world.

All DoDEA school districts, such as the Pacific East Region’s 19 schools, must participate in an external review once every five years. The external review team was composed of highly qualified external peer evaluators from AdvancED and DoDEA, who examine the institution’s adherence and commitment to the standards.

This review is the hallmark of the accreditation process, and energizes and equips the leadership and stakeholders of a district to maintain areas of high performance and tackle those areas that may be impeding desired performance levels.

The findings from the External Review are divided into three domains: Teaching and Learning, Leadership Capacity, and Resource Utilization, which provide the Index of Education Quality score.

“The AdvancED average for Teaching and Learning is 268 and we scored 286,” said Dr. Steve Bloom, DoDEA Pacific East superintendent. “Its Index of Education Quality average is 278. We scored 301.”

“This gives you an appreciation for just how well the Pacific East district has done, and everyone ought to be extremely proud at this moment…I want to thank the Pacific East District for their hard work in accomplishing a district-wide accreditation,” added Bloom.

While the traditional model of accreditation focused on one school at a time, research has revealed that district-wide accreditation provides an environment that offers continuous improvement across all schools. As a result, learning for all students is improved through overall district effectiveness, bringing DoDEA students one step closer to being college and career ready.

AdvancED&#’;s plans, directs, coordinates, and manages pre-kindergarten through 12th grade education programs for school-aged children of Department of Defense personnel who would otherwise not have access to high-quality public education. DoDEA schools are located in Europe, the Pacific, Western Asia, the Middle East, Cuba, the United States, Guam, and Puerto Rico. DoDEA also provides support and resources to Local Educational Activities throughout the U.S. that serve children of military families.

About DoDEA Pacific:

The first organized schools for the children of U.S. military personnel serving in the Pacific were established in 1946 during post-World War II reconstruction. Throughout the decades, DoDEA schools evolved to become a comprehensive and high-performing K-12 school system solely dedicated to educating the children of America's heroes.

Today, DoD Pacific's 49 schools serve more than 23,500 children of U.S. military and eligible DoDEA civilian personnel families stationed throughout the Pacific theater. The DoD Pacific teaching, administrative and school support team includes more than 3,100 full-time professionals. The schools are geographically organized into four districts: Guam, Japan, Okinawa, and South Korea.

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