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Air Force JROTC students land Flight Academy scholarships

DODEA — March 29, 2021 — Pacific Air Force JROTC cadets Tiffany Eddy, of Yokota High School, and Aiden Toole, of Kadena High School have received scholarships to participate in the Air Force JROTC Flight Academy Chief of Staff Private Pilot Scholarship program. Students who successfully complete the summer aviation training program are awarded a private pilot’s certification.

Tiffany Eddy, Pacific Air Force JROTC cadet

Tiffany Eddy
Air Force JROTC cadet

Cadet Eddy has been selected to train at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University – Daytona Beach, Fla.

“The mission of Air Force Junior ROTC is to ‘Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community,’” Eddy said. “JROTC at Yokota High School has taught me responsibility, accountability and teamwork as well as the value of honesty, loyalty, work ethic, and understanding.”

Eddy plans to continue her education and serve in the military.

“I hope to attend a service academy and be an officer as I feel it is the best opportunity available to me to become the person I hope to be, to make a difference, to be an agent for positive change in society at home and abroad,” Eddy said.

Lt Col (Ret) Les Ball, Senior Aerospace Science Instructor at Yokota High School said Eddy is a demonstrated leader.

“Tiffany (Eddy) invests tremendous time and energy into our JROTC program as a member of our Top Six leadership team, Drill team, and Marksmanship team,” Ball said. “As a result, she has recently assumed command of our Cadet Group and is on her way to the Summer Flight Academy. We are all extremely proud of her.”

Aiden Toole, Pacific Air Force JROTC cadet

Aiden Toole
Air Force JROTC cadet

Cadet Toole will participate in the scholarship program at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore

“I am honored that the Air Force has chosen me as a candidate for this program,” Toole said. “Since flying is expensive, getting a scholarship was crucial for my goal to earn a private pilot’s license and this scholarship is the perfect opportunity. I am excited not only because I will learn how to fly, but because I think this will be a unique learning experience about the Air Force, and how colleges operate.”

Toole said JROTC has afforded him the opportunity to gain experience in leadership, teamwork, and orderly conduct. After high school, he plans to further his education and study Aerospace Engineering and Software Engineering.

“I would like to go into the Air Force or Navy as a pilot,” Toole said. “I'm not sure what air frame I want to fly, but I will need to fly a jet aircraft in order to be an astronaut. Once I earn my 2000 Pilot in Command jet aircraft hours, I will then transfer into NASA either as an astronaut – preferably – or into the JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory).”

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