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DoDEA Pacific announces 2022 District Teachers of the Year

For Immediate Release — March 2, 2021 | Pacific

PACIFIC, REGION — March 2, 2021 — The Department of Defense Education Activity Pacific region is pleased to announce the 2022 District Teachers of the Year for the Pacific East, Pacific South, and Pacific West districts. Congratulations to these three educators, who, along with five other educators, are now in the running for DoDEA Teacher of the Year.

Pacific South – Christina Scarborough, Amelia Earhart Intermediate School

Ms. Christina Scarborough 2022 Pac South TOY

Christina Scarborough, Math Support Specialist at Amelia Earhart Intermediate School, has been selected to represent the Pacific South District as its 2022 Teacher of the Year.

During Ms. Scarborough’s 24-year DoDEA career she has taught grades 2-5, including Japanese immersion and multi-age classes, serving the Pacific South District at Kadena Elementary, Stearley Heights Elementary, and Amelia Earhart Intermediate School. She has held various leadership roles, including CSI Leadership Team Chair, Mentor Teacher, and CCRSM Teacher Leader.

“Receiving this award has infused a new level of energy in me because it will provide me the opportunity to connect and collaborate with so many new dedicated and passionate educators from around the world,” Ms. Scarborough said. “As I have seen for the past two decades the caliber of those who have previously received this recognition, I feel extremely grateful and humbled to be included in such an inspiring group of professionals. It is even more meaningful to me because this is the district in which I received much of my childhood education, so I am honored to be able to represent it.”

Ms. Scarborough sponsors an after-school club at her school, the Firebird Drummers, through which she provides military-connected students the unique cultural experience of learning the art of taiko drumming

“Sponsoring the Firebird Drummers taiko club has been an amazing experience and one of the highlights of my teaching career,” Ms. Scarborough said, noting it allows her family to share part of their culture while making meaningful connections with drummers and their families. “So much of teaching goes beyond the academic learning. It is about empowering children to be respectful and responsible citizens who are actively engaged in the world around them. I feel the Firebird Drummers club has done this for so many children these past 13 years and I look forward to continuing to do the same for our future drummers.”

Ms. Scarborough holds a bachelor’s degree in Education from Northern Illinois University and a master’s degree in Community Services from Michigan State University.

DoDEA Pacific East District – Ms. Pamela Tucker, Edgren Middle High School

Dr. Pamela Tucker 2022 Pacific East TOY

Ms. Pamela Tucker has been named 2022 Teacher of the Year for the Pacific East District. Dr. Tucker teaches secondary English/Language Arts at Edgren Middle High School in Misawa, Japan.

“To know that I was selected out of a sea of creative, brilliant, and innovative teachers motivates me to continue to do my part to ensure excellence in education for every student, every day, everywhere,” Ms. Tucker said. “I'm grateful for the opportunity to represent the Pac-East District.”

Ms. Tucker joined DoDEA in 2004, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge gained during her many deployments as a U.S. Army Reservist and DoD civilian. As a reservist, Dr. Tucker served as a combat journalist and facilitated English as a Second Language training for Iraqi civilians working with U.S.-led coalition forces. During subsequent deployments with the Civilian Expeditionary Workforce, she facilitated professional development for English as a Second Language teachers in Afghanistan.

“Working with military-connected students is extremely special because it continuously presents opportunities to build cultural competence and it allows me to learn from their various experiences of students,” Ms. Tucker said. “Dynamic and sometimes daunting, teaching military-connected students help me serve a cause that's larger than myself and keeps me living the Army's core values.”

Ms. Tucker holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication and a master’s degree in Education, both from Alabama State University. A lifelong learner, she earned certifications and postgraduate degrees from Auburn and Argosy universities. Currently, she is working toward a doctorate in Learning, Instruction, and Innovation at Walden University.

DoDEA Pacific West District – Ms. Rachel Guilfoyle, Daegu Elementary School

Ms. Rachel Guilfoyle 2022 Pacific West TOY

Ms. Rachel Guilfoyle, fifth grade teacher at Daegu Elementary School, has been named the Pacific West District 2022 Teacher of the Year

Ms. Guilfoyle joined DoDEA at the Daegu Elementary School staff in 2010 and has taught fourth and fifth grades in all subject areas. She currently serves as co-chair of the school’s SQF Team, Fifth Grade Level Chair, and is a member of the Advanced Education/Gifted Committee.

As an educator, Ms. Guilfoyle said she values providing meaningful opportunities for her students to engage in learning.

“I enjoy interacting with the students, creating new lessons and exposing them to new ideas, thoughts, perspectives, experiences and skills throughout the year,” Ms. Guilfoyle said. “Learning is a life-long process and igniting that love of learning now will be a gift in their lives that will be theirs forever.”

A former DoDEA student, Ms. Guilfoyle understands and relates to the challenges her military-connected students face.

“I also moved to different schools and had to learn to adapt to new environments,” Ms. Guilfoyle said. “For me, being able to connect with military-connected students both as a teacher and former DoDEA student myself is special. Military-connected students are unique in that many of them have moved multiple times and have visited or lived in places that most people only dream of. They are adaptable, diverse, well-traveled, and resilient. These qualities are what makes them special!”

Ms. Guilfoyle holds a bachelor’s degree in Education from Macon State College and a master’s degree in Literacy Education from Walden University. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Library Sciences from the University of Arizona.

The District Teacher of the Year selectees are considered for the 2022 DoDEA Teacher of the Year award and the finalist competes for National Teacher of the Year. All selectees will also attend the annual DoDEA Teacher of the Year Leadership Summit held at DoDEA Headquarters in September.

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