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DoDEA Pacific East world language learners engage in virtual exchange

For Immediate Release — March 5, 2021 | PAC-East

YOKOTA — March 5, 2021 — Yokota Middle School students in Mr. Anjo’s Japanese II class recently took part in a virtual exchange program with English-language learners from Hachioji Junior High School. During the exchange, students engaged in 21st century learning skills and recited the Japanese folktale, Momotaro.

Utilizing technology for this remote learning activity, students communicated with native-like articulation in the target language with enthusiasm and professionalism. Following the exchange, students had the opportunity to speak and reflect upon their language acquisition goals.

Dr. Uma Patel, DoDEA Pacific Region World Languages and ESOL Instructional Systems Specialist, said Mr. Anjo’s students are not only learning Japanese, but also developing global citizenship through unique experiences and opportunities.

“Mr. Anjo is cultivating a culture that fosters reflective practitioners, a culture that harnesses the power of strengths and limitations to forge on regardless of walls and barriers,” Patel said.