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Planning for College: A Guide for Students and Their Parents

College Bound? If you are interested in attending college after graduating from high school, this page will help you get started.
While it's true when it comes to preparing for college. "the earlier. the better", it is never too late to plan for higher education.


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DoDEA recognizes home schooling as a sponsor's right and that it can be a legitimate alternative form of education for the sponsor's dependents. DoDEA policy neither encourages nor discourages DoD sponsors from home schooling their minor dependents.

Sponsors are responsible for complying with the applicable requirements of their host nation, state, commonwealth or territory.

Space-Required Tuition-Free DoD Dependents who are home schooled are eligible to take part in classes. In addition they can access special education services provided by DoDEA schools if they meet special education eligibility criteria.

Space-Required Tuition-Free DoD Dependents who are home schooled are also eligible to use or receive auxiliary services from a DoDEA school. Auxiliary services include: academic resources (scheduled standardized tests, etc.), access to media center, participation in elementary special classes for art, music, host nation and physical education, after hours use of school facilities and participation in high school music, sports and other extracurricular and interscholastic activities.

Learn more about the requirements for participation in the programs and activities mentioned above:
DoDEA Policy 02-OD-02


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DSN: 644-5882
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