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Information Technology

Ethernet cable

DoDEA Pacific Information Technology (IT) Division provides comprehensive technology services and management in support of students, staff and faculty at all DoDEA Pacific schools, District Offices, and Area HQ.

IT personnel manage a number of programs in the areas of Customer Support Services, Infrastructure and Operations, Systems Development and Support, Information Assurance, and Student Information Systems.

All schools have attained a student-to-computer ratio of at least 2:1, with the average being approximately 1.5:1. Additionally, all employees have systems dedicated to their use. The DoDEA lifecycle management plan ensures all systems are replaced within a five year period. Over 1,500 software titles are available to handle every curriculum need.

All of our schools employ the latest web content filtering software to ensure our students enjoy a safe and productive web experience, and students also use a filtered, monitored email system designed specifically for school use. In addition, all of our schools are equipped with a variety of specialized equipment such as digital projectors, electronic SMART boards, and color printers to support a host of instructional requirements.

DoDEA Pacific
Information Technology

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