Pacific Procurement Support

The DoDEA Pacific Procurement Division, located on Torii Station, Okinawa, is responsible for providing contracting support to the four districts and 48 DoDEA Pacific schools throughout Japan, Okinawa, Korea and Guam. Accomplishing this mission requires the procurement of a wide variety of commercial goods, services and construction requirements in excess of $80 million annually.

The purpose of this website is to provide the opportunity for customers and prospective contractors to become familiar with our organization and learn what it takes to do business with us. We hope you’ll make use of these resources to assist you in becoming a valued partner.


Acquisition Regulations:

We are required by law to follow specific policies and procedures in soliciting and awarding contracts. The Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is the single acquisition regulation for use by all Federal executive agencies in contracting for supplies and services with appropriated funds. As a Department of Defense (DoD) agency, we also must comply with the DoD FAR supplement. Below you will find links to both.


Doing Business with DoDEA Pacific

To do business with DoDEA Pacific both U.S. and non U.S. contractors and offerors are required to register with (all 3 are required):

  1. The System for Award Management (SAM)
  2. Wide Area Workflow (WAWF)
  3. Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS)

System for Award Management (SAM)

The System for Award Management (SAM) is the Official U.S. Government system that consolidated the capabilities of CCR/FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS. There is NO fee to register for this site. Entities may register at no cost directly from this page. User guides and webinars are available under the Help tab.

All entity records from CCR/FedReg and ORCA and exclusion records from EPLS, active or expired, were moved to SAM. You can search these records and new ones created in SAM. If you are a government user logged in with your SAM user account, you will automatically have access to FOUO information.

Former CCR Registrants

If you had an active record in CCR, you have an active record in SAM. You do not need to do anything in SAM at this time, unless a change in your business circumstances requires updates to your Entity record(s) in order for you to be paid or to receive an award or you need to renew your Entity(s) prior to its expiration. SAM will send notifications to the registered user via email 60, 30, and 15 days prior to expiration of the Entity. To update or renew your Entity records(s) in SAM you will need to create a SAM User Account and link it to your migrated Entity records. You do not need a user account to search for registered entities in SAM by typing the DUNS number or business name into the search box.


A Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number is required to register with CCR. The process to request a DUNS number is free of charge and can be done over the phone or online. Instructions can be found on the DUNS & Bradstreet website. They have separate websites in English, Japanese and Hangul.

Solicitations is the single government point-of-entry (GPE) for Federal government procurement opportunities over $25,000. Government buyers are required to publicize their business opportunities by posting information directly to FedBizOpps via the Internet. Through one portal - FedBizOpps (FBO) - commercial vendors seeking Federal markets for their products and services can search, monitor and retrieve opportunities solicited by the entire Federal contracting community.

The DoDEA Pacific Procurement Division will post all acquisitions, regardless of dollar value, on this web site.

All proposal/offerer due dates and times are according to JST (Japan Standard Time) zone.

Available Solicitations:




Pacific Procurement

Pacific Procurement

DSN: 644-5684

US: 011-81-98-953-5684

Local: 098-953-5684



DoDEA Procurement Headquarters  



Mission Statement:

To proactively provide the DoDEA Pacific customer timely, efficient and quality acquisition support using innovative contracting methods.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA):

All requests for copies of contractual documents, to include the name of successful offerors and contract award amounts, must be submitted directly to the DoDEA FOIA Requestor Service Center. The link below will take you to the HQ DoDEA website, which has instructions for requesting information via FOIA.

DoDEA FOIA Requester Service Center