Resource Management

As a member of the Director's DoDEA Pacific staff, the Resource Management Division is directly responsible to the Director. Resource Management consists of the:

  • Budget/Manpower Section
  • Business Systems Section
  • Financial Information Technology Integration

Our Mission

Our mission is to advise and assist the Director on the formulation and administration of financial management related policy and procedures. We also coordinate the formulation and execution of the command budget; provide finance services to districts and supporting divisions; provide objective evaluations of the command management, operational practices, and mission capability.

Our Core Functions:

  • Advise the Director, Area Superintendent, District Superintendents and Supporting Divisional Chiefs on all financial matters and resource utilization.
  • Prepare and submit budget, budget updates, program objective memorandums, and reviews as directed by Headquarters Department of Defense Education Activity.
  • Translate mission objectives into measurable financial goals and issue appropriate guidance.
  • Measure financial progress against stated objectives.
  • Exercise supporting divisions' supervision of finance and budget functions.
  • Ensure the timeliness and accuracy of all automated, semi-automated, and manually derived data in existing information systems within the financial area.
  • Conduct financial, management control reviews and risk assessments to ensure proper controls and procedures are in place, properly followed and that the agency's resources are used effectively and efficiently for their stated purpose.
  • Ensure the agency's financial actions are in compliance with appropriate statutes, regulations and policies.


Supporting Organizations and Contacts

This linked PDF document provides references that are intended to support contact for initiating and resolving employee benefit requests and issues.




Pacific Resource Management

Pacific Resource Management

DSN: 644-5690 (DSN)
US: Dial +1 (719) 567-1110 to
reach the Global DSN operator.
Ask operator to connect to 315-644-5690


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