Pacific General Counsel

The DoDEA Pacific Office of General Counsel (OGC) facilitates DoDEA's global educational mission by providing high quality and timely legal advice and counsel, effective advocacy, and creative problem-solving.   We offer school and district administrators and other personnel throughout DoDEA Pacific a variety of legal support, including but not limited to:

  • Labor and Employment Law
  • International Law
  • School Law
  • Litigation (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Merit Systems Protection Board, Civilian Board of Contract Appeals)
  • Fiscal Law
  • FOIA and Privacy Act
  • Ethics

The DoDEA Pacific OGC does not provide personal legal assistance to employees. If you need personal legal assistance regarding a civil matter or notary services, please contact the installation legal assistance office.    


Ethics Advice

If you are not positive that what you are about to do is appropriate, ask your ethics official.  One mission of OGC is to advise DoDEA personnel and assist them in accomplishing their goals without violating the standards of conduct. The DoDEA Employee Standards of Conduct and Ethics Handbook provides a general summary of the rules.  It does not include every exception, every requirement, or all the factors that must be considered in making certain decisions. If you are unsure of your actions, call your ethics official before you act.

Mandatory Ethics Training

All new DoDEA employees are required to complete initial ethics training within the first 90 days of employment.  In addition annual ethics training is due each December for all employees who file OGE Form 450s.  Please contact OGC for additional information or questions regarding ethics training requirements. 

Confidential Financial Disclosures

Certain executive branch employees are required to file confidential financial disclosure reports (OGE Form 450) annually.  Who files is determined based on criteria established by the Office of Government Ethics (OGE).  Typically, employees who file confidential financial disclosure reports are those whose duties involve the exercise of discretion in sensitive areas such as contracting and procurement.  The purpose of the financial disclosure system is to prevent conflicts of interest and to identify potential conflicts by providing for a systematic review of the financial interests of both current and prospective employees. If you are an OGE 450 filer and have questions, or are a supervisor of an employee you believe should file an OGE 450, please contact OGC for information.

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