Pacific Logistics Support

The Pacific Region Logistics Office supports the Pacific District Logistics staff in effectively and efficiently operating the student transportation, outfitting, property accountability and student meal programs.  The Region Logistics team visits districts and schools on a regular basis, meets with internal and external stakeholders, and provides ongoing oversight, guidance and support to field-level staff in carrying out the logistics programs to support DoDEA's mission.

Services Branch

The Services Branch manages a variety of programs and services for the Area Office and also supports and provides oversight for the districts and schools in many areas such as:

Service Branch Contact Information

  • DSN: 644-5794 (Services Supervisor)
  • Office Hours: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm
Student Transportation, Logistics

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Supplies and Equipment Management


DSN: 644-5792 (DSN)

US: 011-81-98-953-5792

Local: 098-953-5792


Student Transportation:

On and Around School Buses Students Will:

  • Comply with the Behavior Standards for School Bus Students.
  • Board and exit the bus in an orderly, safe manner.
  • Present bus pass when boarding the bus and upon demand.
  • Remain seated while on the bus.
  • Talk with other passengers in a normal voice.
  • Keep all parts of the body inside the bus windows.
  • Keep aisles, steps, and empty seats free from obstruction.
  • Remain fully and properly clothed.
  • Treat the driver and fellow students with respect.
  • Promptly comply with the bus driver's or monitor's instructions.
  • Treat the bus and other private property with care.

On and Around School Buses Students Will NOT:

  • Make excessive noise or play electronic equipment without earphones.
  • Use or possess unacceptable items identified in the school Code of Conduct.
  • Tamper with bus controls or emergency equipment.
  • Get on or off the bus while the bus is in motion.
  • Fight, push, shove, or trip other passengers.
  • Put objects out of bus windows or hang out of windows.
  • Engage in horseplay.
  • Obstruct aisles, steps, or seats.
  • Engage in public displays of affection.
  • Eat, drink, or litter on the bus.
  • Push while boarding or exiting the bus.
  • Spit.
  • Harass or interfere with other students.
  • Disrespect, distract, or interfere with bus driver.
  • Damage private property.
  • Sit in the bus driver's seat.
  • Open or try to open bus door.
  • Throw or shoot objects inside or out of bus.
  • Use profane or abusive language, or make obscene gestures.

Okinawa, Guam (South District):

Japan (East District):

Iwakuni Complex - STO  
Schools Supported: MC Perry ES ,MC Perry HS  
Mon-Fri 800-1500  
DSN: 253-5333  
Local: 082-779-2034  
From US:   

Misawa Complex - STO  
Schools Supported: Cummings ES, Edgren HS, Sollars ES  
M-F 800-1500  
DSN: 226-9119/9211  
Local: 0176-77-9119 /9211  
From US: 011-81-176-77-9119 / 9211  

Sasebo Complex - STO  
Schools Supported: Darby ES, EJ King HS, Sasebo ES  
Mon-Fri 0800 -1500  
DSN: 252-8921  
Local: 0956-60-8921  
From US:   

Yokota Complex - STO  
Schools Supported: Mendel ES, Yokota West ES, Yokota MS, Yokota HS  
Mon-Fri 800-1500  
DSN: 225-9787  
Local: 042-552-2510 Ext. 5-9787  
From US: 011-81-42-552-2510 Ext. 5-9787  

Zama Complex Transportation Officer  
Schools Supported: Arnn ES, Lanham ES, Zama AMS, Zama AHS  
Mon-Fri 0800-1500  
DSN: 263-4151  
Local: 046-407-4151  
From US:  011-81-46-407-4151  

Korea (West District):

Korea District - STO  
Schools Supported: Casey ES, Daegu AS, Daegu HS, Humphreys ES, Joy ES, Osan AES, Osan MS, Osan AHS, Seoul AES, Seoul AMS, Seoul AHS  
DSN: 738-6024  
From US:   

Seoul - STO  
Schools Supported: Seoul AES, Seoul AMS, Seoul AHS  
M-F 800-1630  
DSN: 738-3156  
From US: