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Area Office Safety & Security

DoDEA Pacific Office of Safety
Boy Getting off Slide The office of Safety is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy environment for the students and employees of the DoDEA Pacific School system. This mission is supported through periodic school visits, incorporating corrective or programmatic measures that eliminate hazards, and developing a comprehensive safety and health program that advises school administrators in minimizing the probability of an accident.


1. All students are provided an academic environment that is safe, healthy and conducive to learning. Safe and healthy working conditions will be provided to all employees.

2. Districts and schools will operate in strict compliance with safety and health regulations, and in a manner that reduces potential risk of injury.

DoDEA Pacific Office of Security
Students Waiting in Line at Airport


The Office of Security is dedicated to providing a secure environment for the children and employees of DoDEA schools in the Pacific theater. 

Anti-Terrorism Information

Safety & Security

Pacific Area Safety  &
Occupational Health Manager

Phone: 344-9792
From U.S. 1-671-344-9792

Pacific Area Security &
Anti-terrorism Manager

Phone: 644-5787
From the US:
From Okinawa/Japan:

DoDEA HQ Safety & Security

Pacific Region Office

Unit 35007
APO AP 96376-5007

Ms. Lois J. Rapp

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