Department of Defense Education Activity

Emergency Procedures

The Air Forces establishes official rules and guidelines regarding emergency conditions and actions. Coordination is made with the base leadership when determining actions and providing information to the public. AFN is the official communication vehicle for all conditions. This information is provided in conjunction with the Air Force Base Officials.

Typhoon from Space

Weather Notifications

Typhoon Condition 1 (TCOR1) - students are to remain home
Typhoon Condition 1C(TCOR1C) - All staff are dismissed

Coordination is made with Kadena Base Officials regarding the setting of Typhoon Condition 1. Efforts are made to coordinate the level of condition to insure limited impact is made on families in regards to support child care requirements.

The District Superintendent determines when schools are ready and cleared to open for school. The process included the coordinated with local Marine Corps and Air Force Commands.