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The Korea District Superintendent's Office is located on USAG Yongsan. The District Office overseas the 11 DoDDs schools located on the various Air Force, Army and Navy installations throughout South Korea. The office consists of one Superintendent, one Assistant Superintendent as well as supporting educator and office management personnel. KDSO (Korea District Superintendent's Office) also manages the registration and transportation standards and operations for the Korea school district. DoDDS Korea is the third largest of the four DoDEA Pacific districts and is proud to serve military families stationed overseas.


Our Values

Mission Statement

Educate, engage and empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world.

Who We Are


Our Vision

We envision that the Korea District Office will provide inspired leadership and support that will enable school communities to implement challenging educational programs that provide a safe, nurturing, learning environment. Our commitment is to provide programs that are differentiated and designed to empower every student with leadership, wisdom, responsibility, and compassion to contribute to a  global community.

Supporting Definitions

  • Inspired leadership promotes a collaborative, supportive culture where people value themselves, each other, and the schools.

  • Support is provided to schools through the district office staff who offer expertise and knowledge of best practices in teaching and learning, manpower, logistics, safety, and personnel through school visits, coaching sessions, professional development, and monitoring.

  • Challenging educational programs are rigorous, authentic, and standards based.

  • Safe, nurturing, learning environment is an environment where children’s well being leads to quality learning. This well-being includes, but is not limited to, students feeling safe at school and having highly qualified, caring, confident teachers.

  • Differentiated programs meet the needs of all students by providing appropriate curricular content, instructional processes and products.

  • Empower every student means students taking responsibility for their own learning.

  • Global community is a feeling of a sense of responsibility in the community and the world.

Critical Questions of our Vision

If we expect all students to learn, what is it that we expect them to learn?
In addition to the DoDEA curriculum standards all students should learn leadership, wisdom,  responsibility, and compassion.

How will we know if they are learning it?
We will see that they are empowered and are contributing to the global community.

What will we do when they don’t?
We will continue to differentiate their curricular and instructional programs to meet the individual needs of students.

How will we engage students in their own learning?
We will empower students with opportunities to make informed choices for their own learning.

Pacific West

On Base: 738-5922
Off Base: 0505-738-5922