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The Curriculum used in all DoDDs Korea schools is standardized and determined by DoDEA. To learn more about the specific programs available for your students please visit each school website's Curriculum Courses and Curriculum Programs sections.

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District Educators

The Korea District Office employs Information Systems Specialists that work with the schools and the Area ISSs to ensure DoDDS Korea school's curricular programs are running efficiently and receive the support they need.

District Educators' Responsibilities.

ISS Special Education
ISS Math Grades 4-12
ISS Science Grades 4-12
ISS Social Studies Grades 4-12
ISS ELA/Language Arts Grades 4-12
ISS ECE-ELA & Social Studies Grades PK- 3
ISS ECE - Science & Math Grades PK -3
ISS District Educational Technologist
ISS SIS/Aspen Educational Technologist 738-2527
ISS CSI Program Evaluation 738-4094
ISS Ed Research Analyst 738-4094


Special Course Selections

Foreign Language Classes
Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Korean

Career & Technical Education Courses

Word Processing Software Application, Presentation Software Application, Interactive Multimedia, Digital Imaging, Publication Software Application, Career Decision Making, JROTC, Career Practicum, Health Science 1/2, Culinary Arts 1/2, Video 1/2/3, Marketing, International Business, Business and Personal Finance, Spreadsheet Software Applications, Data Software Application, Accounting 1/2, Home Networking, Computer Service Supply, Business Law and Website Development.

Advanced Placement
Art History, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Computer Science, English Lit, Environmental Science, French, German, Government, Physics, Spanish, Statistics, Studio Art, US History.

Sure Start & Preschool Programs

Sure Start is a preschool program based on the successful Head Start program and is designed to serve those children who may need additional experiences before entering Kindergarten.


All Sure Start students must be command sponsored and must have four years old with a birth date on or before September 1. E-4/GS-4/NAF2/NSPS1 and below have first priority for enrollment in Sure Start.

Considerations for enrollment may include one or more the following criteria:

  • Family Income
  • Child of Low Birth Weight
  • Child is in a family headed by a single parent
  • Child has three or more siblings close in age
  • Child has an older sibling with a severe disability
  • Child has a parent on remote assignment for 3 or more months
  • Child has a parent who has not graduated from high school
  • Parent’s primary language is not English

DoDEA Sure Start


Pacific West

On Base: 738-5922
Off Base: 0505-738-5922