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Seoul Korea

All About Korea
PCSing to Korea? You are in luck! Korea is a beautiful country with a wonderful culture. Here are some community links that will help you find out more about your next duty station.


Military Installations

Chinhae Naval Base
Osan Air Base
USAG Red Cloud/Casey
USAG Daegu
USAG Humphreys
USAG Yongsan
USFK (United States Forces Korea)

Local Information Hubs
Korea Weather Updates
Korea Yellow Sand Alerts

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Military OneSource
Army OneSource
Military HomeFront

School Liaison Officers
School Liaison Officers, sometimes referred to as SLOs, provide ongoing support and guidance for parents and students transitioning to, from, or within military communities around the world.

The vision of the School Liaison Program is to coordinate and assist school aged children of military parents with educational opportunities and information necessary to succeed in an academic environment. School liaison officers also network, educate and work in partnership with local schools to provide caring adults to enhance the education experience.

The mission of the School Liaison is to provide military commanders with the support necessary to coordinate and advise military parents of school-aged children on educational issues and needs and to assist in solving education-related problems.

Please note that SLOs are employed by the military services, not DoDEA.

For more information, please contact the SLO representative(s) in your community of interest:

Global Contact Information for Military School Liaison Officers