Department of Defense Education Activity

Message from the Superintendent

Aug 30, 2020

Welcome Back and Happy School Year 21-22!

I wanted to take just a minute of your time and welcome you back to what is certain to be another year of excitement, challenges, opportunity and achievement for the Pacific West District, our military connected community, our families, yourself, and most of all our students.

Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to immerse yourself in experiences this summer that allowed you to rest, relax and rejuvenate. As our students emerge in our doorways and classrooms, they will be full of excitement, joy, anticipation, and maybe just a little apprehension, to be back with friends and adults that care about them. Most of all, they will be full of hope. Hope for their future. Fortified with the knowledge that their school will provide the resources, opportunity and relentless patience and encouragement to succeed, they will have hope. Our community is their hope for their future. We are their hope.

Through a narrowed focus on Actively Engaging our Students in the Mastery of College and Career Ready Standards and leveraging our currently established practices, we will intentionally provide students opportunities to engage by Differentiating Instruction, Monitoring Their Own Progress and experience Inquiry Based Learning.

I know that, together, we can identify our students’ needs, find strategies and interventions to help them understand and overcome challenges and succeed. We will work together to ensure all that we do is aligned to our goals and objectives, well-planned and intentional. Through patience and kindness to ourselves, each other, and most of all our students, we will create a safe space for students to take risks, grow their knowledge and skills, and ignite their love of learning.

I am so proud of the work we do for our students and the partnerships that make DoDEA Pacific West being the Best. I am proud to have the opportunity to work for and serve you.

Dr. Jeff Arrington
District Superintendent
Pacific West DoDEA 

DoDEA COVID-19 Operational Guidelines and ProtocolsDoDEA COVID-19 Operational Guidelines and Protocols (Version 7c, July 2021)

The DoDEA Operational Guide provides district and school leaders with general guidelines and protocols for establishing and maintaining safe school environments that reduce the risk of COVID-19 virus spread. Each school, in coordination with their district, will have the flexibility to implement the guidelines and protocols in a manner that best meets the health and safety needs of the school staff and students while minimizing the impact on teaching and learning.

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Continuity of education is a critical quality of life component for military families and communities. We recognize that school operations impact on the readiness of our military partners to complete their mission. Our teachers and the routines of school provide an important element of stability for our students which adds significantly to their success. In-classroom Instruction is the optimal learning environment for our military-connected students. We will seek to provide as much in-school instruction as possible for all students every day to the best of our ability, and in accordance with official health guidelines.

DODEA has put in place numerous safety requirements and precautionary measures that follow CDC and DOD guidance to the greatest extent possible to ensure employees and students are protected. Social distancing, face coverings, and other mitigations are important tools to protect the health of our students, staff, and families as we pursue our mission.

DoDEA leadership at all levels has established protocols to safeguard employees and mitigate potential hazards in our schools through both active and passive strategies.

We remain flexible to meet any contingency. In the event that schools cannot fully reopen due to local health conditions, all students will move to the remote environment and receive remote education from their classroom teachers. While we are confident in our capacity to protect our students and staff by enacting mitigation strategies that support local installation guidance and conditions, we will also provide a virtual platform for students to continue learning virtually. Employees who are in “high risk” categories (as defined by the CDC) will be able to work with supervisors to implement risk controls or reasonable accommodations.

We continue to work in close coordination with our military community partners and military public health officials throughout this process. Even in this pandemic, our guiding visions remains excellence in education for every student, every day, everywhere. The safety and well-being of our students and employees is paramount and will always be our first consideration.