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School Bus Pass

What to Bring when Registering Student to Ride the School Bus
  1. Copy of completed school registration Form 600.
  2. The student must be present for the photograph.

Distance Students are Expected to Walk to School or to a Bus Stop
Distance is measured in a straight line from the student's residence to the designated stop.
Elementary: No greater than 1 mile
Secondary: No greater than 1.5 miles.

Space Available Basis Students and the School Bus.
Space available students also fall into the space available category for transportation.

School Zones

DoDDS Korea Commuting Zones Memorandum

Transportation for Students Living Off Base
Transportation is available for most off base housing areas around installations with schools, however before signing a lease on an off base house please check with the transportation office to ensure transportation is available in that area. If a family accepts housing outside of the approved commuting zone then the parents relinquish their student(s)' eligibility for bus transportation.

Lost & Found

If your child leaves something on the bus please call your local Student Transportation Office. All buses are checked for items left by the students after each trip. Items not claimed in a reasonable amount of time are turned into the Thrift Shop.

Replace a Lost School Bus Pass
Please go to your local Transportation Offices and request a duplicate pass.

For information on Inclement weather, Bus Safety & Sponsor Responsibilities please download the DoDDS Korea Transportation Information Packet.


Walking and Bus Safety

  • Always walk on sidewalks if available
    If sidewalks are not available, walk facing traffic
    Always use designated crosswalks
    Look right, look left before crossing streets
    Wear light colored clothing to be seen
  • Don't play in the streets or bus stop areas
  • Don't run along the side of vehicles
  • Use caution when walking up and down steps, crossing railroad tracks and crossing bridge ways


Bus Stop Safety

  • Respect each other in the stop area
  • Do not push, shove or fight
  • Do not have items that can injure someone or damage someone's property
  • Do not play in the street or road of the stop area
  • Stay clear of the curb as the bus arrives
  • Clear the stop area after departing the bus
  • Remember the bus "Danger Zone" area

DoDDS Korea

On Base: 738-5922
Off Base: 0503-338-5922

Student Transportation Offices

Camp Humphreys - STO Office Hours: M-F 0845-1600, Closed during afternoon bus departures. Our Location: High School, Room B124
DSN: 756-9444
Local: 0503-356-9444
US: 011-82-503-356-9444
Schools Supported: Humphreys HS, Humphreys MS, Humphreys West ES, Humphreys Central ES, PAC-West

Daegu, Camp George - STO Office Hours: M-F 800-1630
Local: 315-768-7722
Schools Supported: Daegu Elementary School, Daegu Middle High School, PAC-West

Korea District - STO Office Hours: M-F
DSN: 738-6024
Schools Supported: PAC-West

Osan AB - STO Office Hours: M-F 800-1630
DSN: 784-7250
Schools Supported: Osan AB Schools, Osan MHS, Osan ES, Osan MS, PAC-West

Seoul - STO Office Hours: M-F 800-1630
DSN: 738-3156
Schools Supported: PAC-West, Seoul American ES, Seoul American MHS, Seoul American HS, Seoul American MS