Department of Defense Education Activity

DoD Impact Aid for Large Scale Rebasing (BRAC) Program


When funds are appropriated by Congress, the DoD Impact Aid for Large Scale Rebasing Program provides financial assistance to LEAs that are heavily impacted by the increase or reduction in military dependent student enrollment resulting from large scale rebasing. Eligible districts have (or would have had) at least 20% military dependent students in average daily attendance in their schools, as counted on their Federal Impact Aid application for the preceding year, and have an overall increase or reduction of no less than 5% military dependent students or no less than 250 military dependent students as a direct result of large scale rebasing.

In an effort to determine that the cause of the increase or reduction of the military dependent student population results from large scale rebasing, DoDEA verifies with each Service that one of the following four actions caused the increase or decrease in the number of military and civilian dependent students:

  1. Global rebasing plan of the DoD.
  2. Activation of one or more new military units.
  3. The realignment of forces as a result of the base closure process (BRAC).
  4. Changes to the number of housing units available on a military installation.

Eligible LEAs will be contacted and requested to submit a Standard Form (SF) 3881, ACH Vendor/ Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment Form to DoDEA.

Funding awards and levels vary according to the number of eligible LEAs and their military dependent students, and the amount of funding appropriated by Congress. Congress has not appropriated funding for this program since fiscal year 2007.

The U.S. Department of Education provides the data that is used to determine LEA eligibility for the Impact Aid for Large Scale Rebasing Program. DoDEA works with the U.S. Department of Education to clarify or resolve any funding eligibility issues.

Required Forms

All forms are provided for download in PDF format and require a PDF reader. You can download Acrobat Reader for free.