Department of Defense Education Activity


Children of military families face unique challenges that are unparalleled in the general student population. One of the most obvious of these challenges is the number of transitions that military children undergo during their school years. Among the common stresses involved in children relocating to a new school are the differences in achievement standards, school protocol, course offerings, extracurricular activities, and academic requirements. These school-based transitions are only exacerbated by the challenges of leaving a cadre of friends, and educators that the military child has spent months or years establishing.

Helping Our Children Transition

Additionally, one of the greatest difficulties military children will face, regardless of additional stresses of relocation and school transition, is the effect of being apart from one or both parents who are deployed. All of these factors can contribute to significant challenges in school for military children related to social and emotional behavior and academic performance.

Collaboration Efforts

Collaboration among government agencies, non-profit and private organization partners is a critical source of support and information for military families, educators and the children themselves.

The Educational Partnership also works to promote policy enhancements/understandings at both the state and national levels that positively impact military children's education and well-being.