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Get Involved

School Advisory Committee (SAC)

The School Advisory Committee is an organization that fosters participation in school affairs by members of the school and military communities and provides a coordinated process to address and resolve issues at the lowest practical level. SAC members advise the school principal on school matters, deal with issues brought to their attention by the school community, and establishes goals and objectives for the academic year. Parents and staff members are encouraged to attend SAC meetings to learn more about school programs and issues, and are invited to submit items to SAC members to be placed on the meeting agendas.

Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)

To benefit your child and, in doing so, also help your school. Get connected and know what's happening in your school. Tap into a network by building rapport and discussing issues that are on your mind. Watch yourself grow by volunteering with the PTSA, putting your skills and hobbies to use for your child and all children in the community. Speak up and effectively suggest change at your child's school. Witness improvement by getting involved and being part of the solution. Be a role model and demonstrate to your child the importance you place on education.

Annually dues are collected to register members. These dues pay for registration our members both in National PTA as well as DoDEA'S Europe PTA.

School Volunteer Program

Parents and community members are encouraged to contact the school about volunteering, mentoring, and tutoring opportunities in our school. We often need dedicated adults to work with teachers for the success of the students. Medical volunteers are welcome to meet with the school nurse to volunteer for health office, annual health screenings, dental fair, etc.