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Quantico M/HS: About Our School

 QMHS Bldg

Quantico Middle/High School (QM/HS) is one of two schools located on Marine Corps Base Quantico. The school is operated by the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA). During School Year 2016-17, DoDEA restructured the organization of its schools throughout the world. QM/HS is a part of the DoDEA Americas Mid-Atlantic District. The District Superintendent's Office (DSO) is located at Fort Bragg, NC, and the Community Superintendent's Office (CSO) is located at Quantico.

Quantico Middle/High School serves approximately 350 students in Grades 6-12. The schedule consists of block scheduling, with four classes every other day. In addition, online Virtual School classes are available to students needing additional classes or classes not offered at the school. A variety of clubs, activities and sports programs are available for students.

History of the School

The Quantico Schools opened for students in 1919 and consisted of eight grades.The high school students attended school off base at Occoquan, Fredericksburg or Washington, DC. The Quantico Schools occupied various buildings on base over the years. Funds to operate the school were raised through donations, tuition, bazaars, ticket sales from the Post Theater, and money from the Post Exchange.

Grades nine through twelve were added in the 1930s with over 300 students enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 12 in September 1940. In 1941, the school's name officially became the Quantico Post School. A Congressional act appropriated funds for a new building, and ground for the school was broken on July 22, 1941. This new Quantico Post School was dedicated on January 6, 1942. This building would later become Burrows Elementary School.

Construction of the current high school was provided for under Public Law 815. Ground was broken on March 1, 1961. Classes for grades 7 through 12 officially started on January 3, 1962, and the building was dedicated on April 29, 1962.

In 1971, Quantico schools reached a peak enrollment with 800 plus students at the high school and 1,700 students at the elementary schools. Five trailers were added at the high school to accommodate the need for additional classrooms.

When the "old" Burrows Elementary School was slated to be torn down and rebuilt during SY 1988-89, the sixth graders were relocated to the high school (grades K-5 were split between Ashurst Elementary School and Russell Elementary School until construction was completed). For SY 1989-1990, Quantico Middle School (QMS) was created to house Grades 6-8. The middle school office housed the principal and office staff in a trailer behind the current school and to the right. A covered walkway was installed on the right-hand side of the school so that QMS had its own private entrance. QMS and QHS operated as separate schools until 1997; at that time, Quantico Middle/High School started operating as one school.

There have been numerous changes to the facility since 1962. There are plans to tear down the existing QM/HS and build a new 21st Century school across the street on the old Russell Elementary School location. Blueprint plans have been designed, and the land was prepared during the Fall of 2016. We are waiting to see the future progress of the new school.