Department of Defense Education Activity

Quantico M/HS: PEA

Parent Educator Association (PEA)

The mission of the PEA is to discuss school related issues and advise the principal. The committee then disseminates the information and coordinates with all community resources in an effort to support the educational programs of the school for our students. The PEA makes recommendations and advises the principal on:  

  1. school policies, student activities, and administrative procedures
  2. instructional programs and educational resources within the school
  3. allocation of resources within the school to achieve educational goals
  4. administrative and logistical support services provided by the installation commander and applicable service commands.  

The PEA does not address matters pertaining to personnel policies or practices, compensation of school staff, grievances of school employees, or internal management of Quantico Middle/High School or its programs.

PEA Constitution/By-laws

PEA Registration Form

Waiver of Liability for Participation in Private Organization

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